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Jill Hubbard

BESTOW Stacking Bracelet

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Gifts given out of love and thoughtfulness are often wrapped with bows.  Make a sweet statement by bestowing your lovely wrist with this beautiful bow.  

Stacking bracelets are meant to be expressive, yet effortless.  Each leather bracelet is handcrafted in the USA using premium, vegetable tanned leather and brilliant pyrite gemstones.  They can be worn alone or combined with other wrist adornments!  

Measures 2/5 of an inch wide (.40”) and adjustable comes in 2 adjustable sizes (extra small/small and small/medium/large).

The leather was tanned using all-natural plant extracts and no harsh chemicals, so you can feel good wearing it. Vegetable tanned leather may be a little stiff at first. Oil from your skin, body heat and movement all help to break in your bracelet, making it more pliable.  

Clasps are button studs.