LAID-BACK LUXE STYLE: I love to work together juxtaposed and premium materials to create pieces that are on-trend and comfortable to wear. We're talking ouch-less, lightweight earrings and buttery soft, chemical-free leather against the skin.  It's mixed-media jewelry that's meant to elevate the everyday and make luxe look cool and effortless. 

DETROIT, MICHIGAN-BASED:  After years living in different cities and states, I eventually found my way back home to Detroit, Michigan where I was born and raised.  It's here, in a home outside of the city, that live my husband, our two, wonderfully rambunctious sons and our sweet, shelter-rescued mutt.   

HANDCRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES: No mass production here. Each and every piece is hand-made from start to finish. I cut, carve, sew, stitch, line, burnish, stamp.... each piece by hand with careful attention to detail. Each piece will be unique and many pieces are one of a kind.

 SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS:  Leather is a renewable, natural resource. 99% of the leather used in my designs is vegetable-tanned and comes from Italian and U.S. tanning operations. Using vegetable-tanned leather is important to me, as it uses only natural tannins and is not harmful to the environment, the workers or the ultimate wearers of the leather goods. The vegetable tanning process may take longer than alternative tanning processes, but it's well worth it! If a design contains non-veg-tanned leather it will be stated. It should also be noted that the leather used in ALL of my designs is a by-product of the food industry, meaning no animal is EVER killed for its hide.

CONTACT: hello@byjillhubbard.com      (773) 350-9669