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Jill Hubbard leather+jewelry

Emerald Butterfly Gemstone Earrings - one of a kind (OOAK)

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Delight in the whimsy of Emerald Butterfly Earrings, where tiny emerald butterflies gracefully flutter from delicate strips of natural, vegetable-tanned leather, accompanied by your choice of 14k gold-filled leverback earwires or pave diamond/gold vermeil French hook earwires. Radiating in a lush shade of green, these earrings are a delightful tribute to Mother Nature. Let the natural allure of these emerald darlings uplift your style and spirit.

To view the butterfly earrings with both earring options click here.

  • Hypoallergenic earwires available in either 14k gold-filled leverback or gold vermeil and pave diamond French hook 
  • Genuine emerald gemstones
  • 1.1” long with 14k gold-filled earwires
  • 1.5” long with gold vermeil and natural diamond earwires
  • Lightweight
  • Proudly handmade in Detroit, MI, USA

About Emeralds: Immerse yourself in the enchanting lore of emeralds—a gemstone steeped in rich history and symbolism. Beyond being the traditional birthstone for May and associated with the Cancer zodiac sign, emeralds have a vibrant green hue and are said to benefit the wearer with mental clarity, emotional equilibrium, and prosperity. From ancient civilizations to modern-day legends, emeralds have captivated hearts and minds with their allure. Cherished by figures like Cleopatra and believed by cultures across the globe to possess divine qualities, the emerald transcends time as a symbol of renewal, fertility, and eternal life. Join the ranks of history's luminaries as you adorn yourself with the captivating essence of emeralds.