Is it ok to sleep with earrings in?

I’m absolutely obsessed with earrings, actually all jewelry for that matter, so I totally get not wanting to remove them, even for sleep.  But should you? 

Should you take earrings out at night? 

The answer really depends.  Do you have a new piercing, or have you had your ears pierced for sometime?

For those with a new piercing the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you keep those starter stud earrings in both day and night for at least 6 weeks (  Keeping them in for this extended period of time ensures those new holes don’t close up and require re-piercing.

Now for those with older holes, it’s definitely recommended that you remove earrings before bedtime.  This helps ensure the health of your ear lobes and gives greater longevity to your beautiful baubles.

You really should take earrings off for sleep for several reasons.

  • Wearing earrings, especially hoops, dangles, drops, etc to sleep can pose a risk to your ears. Those earrings can get caught in your hair, clothes, bed linens and in your slumbering state could uncomfortably pull or even tear your ear lobe.
  • Taking earrings out before bed ensures the safe keeping of your earrings. Who hasn’t fallen asleep with earrings in, only to become annoyed with the posts pressing into the side of your skull at some point in the middle of the night?  I know I have!  And I usually wake up in the morning with the earrings tucked precariously under my pillow, thrown on my nightstand, or lost completely somewhere in dream land.
  • Chances are good that if you’re wearing your earrings to bed it means that you’ve worn them all day and haven’t given them, or your piercing hole a good cleaning. Not regularly cleaning your earrings and piercing holes increases the risk of a bacterial infection. 

 Protecting your ears and your earrings

Following are a few simple tips for taking good care of your pierced ears and your earrings.

  • After removing your earrings, gently swab the posts with a rubbing alcohol wipe to remove any bacteria and build up. Be careful about using soap to clean your earrings, because if not thoroughly washed off soap can leave a residue that can irritate your ears.
  • Store your earrings in a jewelry case, box, drawer, not on your bathroom vanity or near the sink. This’ll help ensure that those earrings don’t come in contact with any bathroom grime before you pop them through your ears, or that they don’t accidently find themselves washed down your drain.
  • If your piercing hole begins to feel irritated, or you suspect you have an infection, remove all earrings, wipe your piercing site (both front and back) with an alcohol wipe, let dry and apply a topical antibiotic ointment. I really like to use Neosporin – it always works quick for me.  Hold off on wearing earrings until the irritation stops.  AND be sure to thoroughly clean all pairs of recently worn earrings to be sure you don’t accidently cause a reinfection!
  • Last, but not least: wear light weight earrings made out of posts and wires that don't contain nickel.  FYI, all the earrings I make are lightweight and made from quality, hypoallergenic metal like surgical stainless steel, sterling silver and gold vermeil.  



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